About Us

PM Displays offer a large range of sector specific LED signs and screens. We deliver throughout Europe & UK from our operations in Dublin, Ireland and Prague, Czech Republic.


Our aim is to provide the Irish ,UK and European sporting clubs, traffic sector, pharmacy retail and industrial businesses with high quality long lasting LED Signs and screens for their standard and customised applications.

Company Overview

All of our signs and screens are designed by PM Displays to the highest standard possible.

PM Displays was borne out of our sister company ‘Timing Ireland’ where high quality, precision displays and devices were critical to the nature of our sports timing services and activities.

This experience in high pressure environments where there is no room for error as leant itself to the design and delivery of high quality LED sign and screen products.

We look forward to working with you and developing a long term relationship together. We very much relish the opportunity to customise LED signs and screens to your dimensions and features for your applications.

Yours sincerely
Brian Price
CEO PM Displays