Witty Gate Photocell  - Microgate

Witty Gate Photocell - Microgate

Witty Timer - Microgate

Weight 337g, battery included Dimensions 214 x 100 x 36 mm Operating temperature 0° C/+45°C Unit of time measurement Selectable 1 s – 1/10 s – 1/100 s – 1/1000s Selectable speed m/s – km/h – mph - knots Measurement resolution 4 x 10-5 s (1/25000 s) Display Graphic color TFT display, visible area 59x44 mm, 320x 240 pixel, with backlight adjustment via software Radio module Multi-Frequency Transceiver 433-434MHz Radio transmission Digital FSK transmission; redundant code with information correctness verification and auto-correction Radio frequencies 433.1125 MHz to 434.790 MHz Radio transmission power 10 mW Processing unit Two 32-bit microprocessors Time base 12 quartz 8 MHz, stability ±10ppm between 0°C and +45°C Power supply Internal polymer lithium battery, external power supply 5VDC Battery charging Integrated intelligent charging device Battery life > 10 hours Keypad 23-key membrane keyboard Start-Stop keys Numerical keypad 4 function keys 4 arrow keys and selection key Home key Key for line blocking Connections MICRO USB type B connector for charging and connecting to a PC Jack connector for external input
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Witty Timer - Microgate
The compact size, ergonomic shape, and innovative design make the Witty timer practical and easy to use. Graphical icons and on screen instructions on its color display ensure user-friendliness and ease of use. With8 different radio frequencies to choose from, it is possible to work simultaneously with several Witty timing systems (timer and photocells) in the same training area. Various preconfigured test types are available (single tests, group tests, in-line tests, go & return, counter, etc.), plus the user can also create customized test protocols directly on the timer. Witty stores and displays all times which can then be downloaded into the Witty Manager software.
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