LED Concentration Countdown Clock for track and Field (15cm tall digits)

The LED concentration countdown clock / timer with easy to use handheld control keypad is perfect for Athletics track and field events or other applications. Suitable for small club events or large championships. 3-digit LED display, digit height 15 cm, cover at the front made of solid polycarbonate, rain proof aluminium casing powder coated.

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We presently have 3 power supply options for this display system:

Option 1. 100 - 230V external power supply. Plug top included.

Option 2. 12V Internal rechargeable battery pack. (Battery charger included)

Option 3. Customised power supply option to suit your track or arena. (Please contact us to discuss this option with you via this link)

All of the above options come with a protective cary case and tripod stand.


II. Technical specification

Type: Concentration countdown clock / timer
Power supply AC [V]: 230 or 12v or Customised
Power consumption [VA]: 50
Front cover: solid polycarbonate
Display type: LED
Display colour: red
Digit height [cm]: 15 cm
Good visibility [m]: 100 m
Maximum visibility [m]: 100 m
Displayed information: the time period remaining for the athlete to make an attempt.
Weight [kg]: 10
Casing: aluminium, powder painted, for outdoor
Temperature: range from -10°C to +50°C
Set contains: Tripod stand, user friendly control keypad and protective carry case. (Power cable or Charging cable depending on your specific order)

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